After years of struggling with loneliness and rejection, Shana Dorsey met God in a profoundly intimate way. In April 2011 God revealed to her the truth of the Song of Solomon: he is a husband who is passionately in love with his people, and heavenly marriage to him is what earthly marriage exists to display (Ephesians 5: 31-2) As a result of encountering God as her husband Shana has been healed of many of her insecurities and lives a happy, single life today.  For this reason Shana is committed to helping women who struggle with singleness or emptiness find complete satisfaction in Christ.

Emptiness has been a major enemy of Shana’s. She was raised in a single parent home where  her father was absent from her life. This fed her feelings of insecurity and rejection. Though she was raised in a Christian home she did not have a personal faith until college. Through the faithful witness of the Christians around her , when she was 18 years old she learned that God was more than just a distant figure in the sky; he was a loving Father. One day in her room, after feeling broken, she looked tearfully at the ceiling and whispered to God “ I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore alone God.”  She surrendered her life to Christ and heard God speak “You are dearly loved my child, you are dearly loved.” When she heard this , she began to know God for the first time in her life and learned her identity as his treasured daughter. The healing didn’t stop there. Discovering God as Father laid the foundation of ultimately discovering him as Husband.

We first meet God as Father, then experience him as Husband (Ephesians 5:31-2) We have the potential to experience whatever relationship we need most from God because he is all things to us (Romans 11:36). But the most intimate relationship we can experience with God is marriage. It’s this incredible story of love that Shana shares with her readers in her book Immeasurably More: A Journey to Discovering God as Your Husband.

As an author, teacher and speaker , Shana motivates her audience toward spiritual growth and fulfillment. Highly intelligent and creative, she possesses a bachelors degree in English from  Williams College and is currently in pursuit of her masters in Education. Shana loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her audience, inspiring them to achieve using her unique blend of psychology, literature and theology. She is the eldest of three siblings including an adorable two year old brother. Her family is very important to her and she currently resides with them in north Florida.

Do you long for more, whether it be for a spouse or a deeper relationship with God?
What if your intimacy with God could transcend your wildest dreams and satisfy your deepest desires?

After years of struggling with loneliness and rejection, Shana Dorsey met God in a profoundly intimate way. Seven years ago God revealed to her the truth of the Song of Solomon; he is a husband who is passionately in love with his people, and heavenly marriage to him is what earthly marriage was made to display (Ephesians 5:31-2)

The purpose of Immeasurably More is to unite you with the King of the Universe, bringing you pleasure and closeness with the Lord. God is a husband we can personally experience. As a result of experiencing God as her husband, Shana has been healed of many of her insecurities, empowered to live a happy, single life which includes breathtaking intimacy with God.

With this book you can go on a similar journey of healing and self-discovery. Through Immeasurably More you will learn how to:

  • No longer suffer in singleness or emptiness
  • Experience God as your heavenly Husband by discovering  the passion, pleasure and protection of the Lord
  • Live a life that ravishes and amazes you while catapulting you into new realms of intimacy with God.

Within the pages of Immeasurably More is a workbook that includes:

  • Prayers to help you connect with God
  • Activations  to help you practice what you’ve read
  • Journal pages to help you notate your experiences as you get to know God on a deeper level